What is RoadReady?

RoadReady (RR) Inc. is an E-commerce platform that caters to motor vehicle owners for pre-registration that offers Compulsory Third Party Liability (CTPL).

How does RR Work?
  1. Car owners must register to be part of the RoadReady system.
  2. Once registered, enlist vehicle/s that you want to purchase insurance.
  3. Select the insurance.
  4. Proceed to the payment page, where you may opt to pay via bank deposit/transfer or Paypal.
  5. Once settled, an ECOC will be sent via email for printing.
  6. You’re all set to go!
What is CTPL?

Compulsory Third Party Liability (CTPL) Insurance is a requirement to be able to register vehicles with the LTO. It protects the insured against liability to any third party who suffers bodily harm by the insured vehicle.

What is a PVC (Petron Value Card)?

The Petron Value Card Program (“Program”) is a loyalty and reward redemption program of Petron Corporation (“Petron”) which aims to provide maximum value to Petron Value Card holders (“Cardholders”) by granting them reward points, discounts, added services and other benefits.

What are the accredited insurance providers?

We have an exclusive partnership with Liberty Insurance Corporation.

Liberty Insurance Corporation has entrenched an exceptional and distinguishing presence in the non-life insurance industry. With passion and commitment, Liberty Insurance Corporation continues to bring outstanding products and services to the market. Business excellence, competitive advantage, and opportunities are constantly sought out. Today, as a valuable member of the Jose Cojuangco and Sons Group of Companies, Liberty Insurance Corporation remains true to its corporate values: professional and ethical service, reliability, leadership, commitment, and business with integrity.

Where can I get my Petron Value Card?

We will deliver it to you by courier (Php 40.00 within Metro Manila and Php 100.00 outside Metro Manila).

How do I enlist a vehicle?

Bring out your copy of your Certificate of Registration (CR) and input the details on the VIRTUAL CR section on our site, which has the same format as a regular CR. Afterward, you should also upload an e-copy of the original document on our site.

What if another person registered my vehicle?

It is allowed to have a special arrangement wherein you can have another person register for you. However, since you are the owner of the vehicle, the person must register with your personal details.

What if the vehicle is not under my name? Can I still use RR?

Yes, you can still enlist a person’s car on his/her behalf. Just follow the same process, but you need to register the owner’s personal details.

Can I register my vehicle even if my insurance is still valid?

Yes, you can register your car anytime even if your existing insurance is still valid. The coverage period of the new insurance will only be effective based on the last digits of your plate number. For example ABC 1234 = 4 (April) so effectivity date will be on May of the same year, as per LTO regulations.

What are the Modes of Payment?

You can pay online through Paypal or through BDO Unibank (BDO Account: Roadready Inc. 006818013493).

What is the coverage of CTPL?

The coverage of CTPL is shown in the sample copy of Certificate of Cover below:

[pdf-embedder url=”http://roadready.com.ph/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/Juan-Dela-Cruz_Private_Car_Policy.pdf”]

How to claim CTPL Coverage?
  1. You may contact us and we will connect you to Liberty Insurance Corporation; or
  2. Contact Liberty Insurance Corporation directly.